Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We went boxing at Lake Murray!!!

The kids on the trail and Reader Rabbit Boxing Buddy looking over clues!!!
We went boxing today at Lake Murray we set out to nab 9 boxes but we ended up nabbing 3 and will go for the others later... I took some pics while we were out.
I want to thank Penguin Patrol for planting these boxes one was her carving of Gene Autry-a must have and the location is wonderful hubby had fun wandering around this one's location.
Then it was off to the lake and we found Music Woman's beautiful caving of a medieval romantic another must have so glad others are willing to share their stamps with other states like ours. and then down the trail to get a hat-a stamp carved by Allemeyn another must have for any logbook I love the trail and my family had fun trekking it with me...


  1. Yea! I get to see the goofy kids! They are adorable! I sure wish you lived close to us...


  2. Hey! I didn't know you have a blog!!! Great picture!



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