Thursday, February 26, 2009

Planting with Penguin Patrol

Princess Minty, Star Commander and I went to Ardmore to help Penguin Patrol with planting for her April event at Lake Murray fortunately we had a wonderful day for it, unfortunately it was HOT and the kids got tired after planting three boxes but we got to hang out with Penguin Patrol at her house and get to know her better. I also got to look through her logbooks (see it's plural there were lots of logbooks). Well I gave her three boxes to plant and I hope to go and help her some more before the event maybe when JerBear is home and can play with the kids while PP and I plant. If she doesn't wait on me it's okay too. But I don't want her to feel that she has to do it all by herself.

we went to a museum too and saw an electric car here are photos:

Sunday, Febraury 22, 2009

Jerry gets word that he has to go to Louisana for the rig -- oh no!!! We all went to church in Hinton, OK. We took adairmd with us (I forgot we got a few more caches in El Reno like Adams Pavillion and Rock Island on Sat.) but we were going to plant letterboxes in Red Rock Canyon today.

I have two boxes planted there already; one by Triforce and one by me. When planting those Jerry had mentioned planting some more there so thus was born the "Hitch up yer wagon" series. I carved a covered wagon, an ox, supplies (two stamps one of a sack of flour and one of a can of beans), a water bucket and a campfire. So Waspslayer and Boots joined adairmd, Princess Minty, Star Commander and I to hike the trail and plant the boxes. They also found the other two that were there. Adairmd had a second motive and we cached while there too. He was trying for 500 caches by Monday unfortunately he didn't make it but we got 4 in Red Rock and another while going back to El Reno and then when in El Reno tried for a few more which we had fun getting at night(night caching is the best and not many muggles out and no one sees what you are doing).

We had a lot of fun hiking Red Rock and I took some pics here ya go:

adventures adventures lots of adventures....

Oh my where do I begin... Friday, February 20th JerBear's 45th birthday he actually got a day off from work woo hoo!!! I took him to eat at his favorite Greek and Mediterranean Restaurant here in town for lunch. Then I went to my friend's house to pick up a precious 17 month old that we babysat for the night and part of Saturday. We all went out to eat at the Chinese place where she lives... wooo hoo that baby can put away some food!!! : ) Then on Saturday adairmd met up with us to teach me about my new GPS unit (I geocache too) and we went after one at Fort Reno picking up a benchmark while we were there but not the geocache but I have a good lead as to where it is. I also led adairmd to my letterbox outside of the fort. Then we were off to the state wide meet and night caching after getting the two with the cachers from the meeting we were on our way back to El Reno. I drive and adairmd says there is one here before we leave the park, I pull the truck over and say lets get it. Princess Minty finds it!!! As we leave town he mentions another one so we stop to get it. I ask what kind of container we are looking for and as he is describing it, I say like the one hanging in the tree above your head. And sure enough there it was, woo hoo for Goofy girl = ).

Friday, February 6, 2009

Boxin' in North Carolina

Hey hey we are back and getting into the groove of things here in Oklahoma again after spending a week traveling to NC and back. When we left on Jan. 27th we left in an ice storm (saw a car spin out in front of us and hubby thought I would turn around --- NNNOOOO). And when we did finally arrive and get some rest, we went boxing getting one of theseekers1108 boxes. Then we met up with theseekers1108 (Charlie and Dina) and Mom2two(Lynn) and boxed in South Carolina, we even picked up a geocache in SC. Mom2two went to lunch with us but then had to leave as she was leaving The Celtic Clan joined us for the rest of lunch and to pick up another box just down the road from the restaurant Carolina Crossings (try the humdinger-good stuff Maynard).

Friday night we get a call from ElectricMedic and meet up with them at Tradewinds just down the road from our hotel (can you believe they actually stayed at the same place as the Goofy group heaven help them-lol). Thankfully we didn't have any impressions left by the pick up truck this time. *whew*

Saturday the event did I leave to go boxing??? No, I stayed at the building and did exchanges, table top boxes and the boxes hidden outside.

But thats okay I talked Dina into driving me around on Sunday to make sure I made it to 100 boxes only needed 10. She takes me to 29 WOW!!! we also had an interesting experience at the hanging tree cementary. Have Dina tell you about it!! Jerry wants to come back to NC for a haunted tour - which he NEVER wants to do woo hoo we have won him over!!!

Have fun looking at the photos!! GG = )