Thursday, February 26, 2009

adventures adventures lots of adventures....

Oh my where do I begin... Friday, February 20th JerBear's 45th birthday he actually got a day off from work woo hoo!!! I took him to eat at his favorite Greek and Mediterranean Restaurant here in town for lunch. Then I went to my friend's house to pick up a precious 17 month old that we babysat for the night and part of Saturday. We all went out to eat at the Chinese place where she lives... wooo hoo that baby can put away some food!!! : ) Then on Saturday adairmd met up with us to teach me about my new GPS unit (I geocache too) and we went after one at Fort Reno picking up a benchmark while we were there but not the geocache but I have a good lead as to where it is. I also led adairmd to my letterbox outside of the fort. Then we were off to the state wide meet and night caching after getting the two with the cachers from the meeting we were on our way back to El Reno. I drive and adairmd says there is one here before we leave the park, I pull the truck over and say lets get it. Princess Minty finds it!!! As we leave town he mentions another one so we stop to get it. I ask what kind of container we are looking for and as he is describing it, I say like the one hanging in the tree above your head. And sure enough there it was, woo hoo for Goofy girl = ).

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