Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sunday, Febraury 22, 2009

Jerry gets word that he has to go to Louisana for the rig -- oh no!!! We all went to church in Hinton, OK. We took adairmd with us (I forgot we got a few more caches in El Reno like Adams Pavillion and Rock Island on Sat.) but we were going to plant letterboxes in Red Rock Canyon today.

I have two boxes planted there already; one by Triforce and one by me. When planting those Jerry had mentioned planting some more there so thus was born the "Hitch up yer wagon" series. I carved a covered wagon, an ox, supplies (two stamps one of a sack of flour and one of a can of beans), a water bucket and a campfire. So Waspslayer and Boots joined adairmd, Princess Minty, Star Commander and I to hike the trail and plant the boxes. They also found the other two that were there. Adairmd had a second motive and we cached while there too. He was trying for 500 caches by Monday unfortunately he didn't make it but we got 4 in Red Rock and another while going back to El Reno and then when in El Reno tried for a few more which we had fun getting at night(night caching is the best and not many muggles out and no one sees what you are doing).

We had a lot of fun hiking Red Rock and I took some pics here ya go:

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