Monday, March 2, 2009

Cache finds!!!

well I tried to find Adams Creek Returns and where the buffalo roams and Mother road 19

I knew Mother Road 19 is there but there is construction going on not far from it so I can't get it when I am out and about running errands.

Adams Creek Returns I think is gone.

Today Waspslayer and I are going to try for Where the Buffalo Roams, Fort Reno, Grascar and the library and some others. She is here and we are off see you later!!! = )
*************UPDATE: UPDATE: UPDATE: *****************
WELL this is what we had time to find.....We went to FORT RENO and Dusty is gonna kick himself when he gets back down here and finds this one...and then I took Waspslayer to Grascar, Adams Park, Park and Grab 2, and Rinehart Park that I already had. We then went to the library and it was an interesting search I liked this one. Where the Buffalo Roams we will try for tomorrow after she gets off work.

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