Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Was great!!! I went from 147 boxes found to 165 yeah!!!! and there are still some down there so we will be going down to get the rest of them next time Jerry is home. yeah!!!! Unfortunately I forgot my camera and so I have no photos to post = ( sorry about that. Shiloh did make it to over 100 boxes yeah***throws confetti*** I am so happy he could get there.

I still need to make it to Bernice State Park sometime soon so I can plant the series of four that they are wanting up there. Maybe I can get my mom to go with me and the kids later this week, then I need to carve a stamp for the hicks from the sticks, and make some LTCs for a friend and I'm sure there is something else that needs to be done but can't think of it right now!!!

We have another letterboxer on the way due at the beginning of December wooo hooo!!!!

We also have a family letterboxing account on AQ now....TheGoofyGroup!!!

Goofy girl of TheGoofyGroup

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