Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sorry it's been awhile

Hey there I am betting you thought,"that goofygirl isn't going to be blogging anymore" didn't you? Well I'm still here I've just been dealing with Baby Goofy and the older ones have been in school and let me tell you public school keeps the parents busy too.

The weather here has been really bad for letterboxing with a baby so we haven't done much of anything... now it's warming up and I hosted my first event on May 22, called "Introducing Baby Goofy" we had 14 people including two babies, Baby Goofy and Baby Fat. We had cooties passed, exchanges made, art added to logbooks, ink added to fingers, and smiles all around. Hotdogs for lunch and Nutty bars for dessert. Lots of boxing buddies to be met also!

I have done some geocaching lately as a friend of mine has decided she likes letterboxing and geocaching we did 4 in a series of 78, not sure we will pick up the other 74. I dont have any letterboxes around me to find but i did go and find two in Ardmore back in February even though it was very cold.

We thought when we put the kids in public school we would have more time to go letterboxing but having the time constraint of picking them up from school didn't allow a lot of time for us to go get any boxes. This summer they will just have to accept the fact that they have to go with us.

Thanks for reading see ya soon!! {=0}

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